Developer Intern-preneur

Looking for an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a billion dollar startup, learn the ins and outs of programming and developing a product, and turbocharge your impact on the world?

We believe there are people out there who, given the right teaching, encouragement and opportunity, can change the world. Prove us right.


RELAYTO/ is the first publishing tool for interactive documents. It revolutionizes how any individual or organization creates and shares knowledge with their audience, and measures impact. It gives you simple, slick, and smart features to communicate with your colleagues, prospects, and customers. Think Squarespace for documents – proposals, presentations, reports, emails and more – no design or coding needed.


You are not an average intern looking to claw your way to middle management at a bank for the next 10 years. You are an internpreneur: a hacker or designer, journalist or marketer, idea person or data quant, MBA candidate with years of experience or university student looking for their first gig.

An internpreneur approaches their career like an entrepreneur: able and eager to get things done and innovate with limited resources. You think ahead and want to learn how companies and careers grow before jumping in the deep end of the entrepreneurial/career pool entirely on your own. What else?

  • You are able to execute in startup time and independently figure out things that are entirely new
  • You believe business can make the world a better place (while keeping an eye on the bottom line)
  • You want to improve the business world – and yourself
  • You have experience in one or more of the following technologies: Javascript / PHP / MongoDB
  • Willingness to learn one or more of the following technologies: Angular.js / Symfony2 / Docker


Re-think grad school: gain an education, experience, and amazing connections.

If you’re not ready to launch your own venture or don’t quite know who you want to be professionally, we are a great foundation. Get in on the ground floor of an awesome and innovative company.

If you are curious about the specific role – reach out to us. But broadly speaking, the range of opportunities and responsibilities include:

  • Define customer needs and usability specs. Be the champion of our users
  • Craft breakthrough designs and architecture
  • Build solutions. Find and create best practices templates for key activities in computer science, UI/UX, user feedback, etc.
  • Build and test new product prototypes. Get instant feedback
  • Depending on your professional goals and RELAYTO’s needs, this internship would be designed to balance your learning with specific business requirements


We are, by intent, maintaining a small team. So, you will get a chance to work directly with our founders and advisors. We roll up our sleeves and do everything, so you won’t be getting coffee for anyone.

Our technical wiz/serial entrepreneur, NIKITA KOROTAEV, has previously founded and led as CEO, Lectrio, a multi-award-winning, disruptive online learning platform in London. He is recognized as ‘exceptional tech talent’ both in UK (new home) and Russia (old home).

Our CEO/founder, ALEX SHEVELENKO, graduated from Stanford with his MBA and Wharton/Penn undergrad. His internship experiences at Microsoft Office and Salesforce are definitely paying dividends now at RELAYTO/. After graduating he joined an early-stage SF Bay Area start-up, SuccessFactors, which got acquired in 2012 by SAP for $3.4billion.


  1. A big vision product that’ll improve how people and groups create, communicate and work together, with potential appeal to everyone who wants to share knowledge or learn.
  2. An experienced, proven team that has previously built and sold the largest business applications in the cloud and on the desktop.
  3. Exciting product challenges, in both architecture, product management and user experience.
  4. A team that gives the opportunity to young talent and values the diversity of experience and perspective.
  5. A driven set of individuals that genuinely enjoy working with one another: solving problems; refining designs; creating, learning and growing together.
  6. A jerk-free culture defined by trust, respect, and empathy.
  7. A company that’s advised by some of the smartest experts in the business.


Meet us in some of the coolest cities in the world or work remotely.

We are a location-free startup, currently spanning London, Paris, Johannesburg & San Francisco. We encourage flexibility and opportunity for working virtually or in physical teams, depending on your preference. The primary location for in-person meetings will be San Francisco, London and Paris.

We require at least a 20 hours/week commitment from interns working remotely during the school year.


Interactive & measurable document experience

Technology we use


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