Frontend Developer (Remote)

We’re looking for a frontend developer with a passion for Shopify theme development, and we hope that’s you!

PLEASE NOTE: This position has been put on hold due to COVID-19. You are welcome to apply, but we will not be reviewing applications at this time.

You’ll work closely with the team to help our clients launch highly functional, often complex Shopify stores. We work with clients who use themes from the theme store and design custom Shopify themes from the ground up. You’ll have the opportunity to both help kickstart new businesses in the ecommerce space and optimize and redesign stores for established brands.

You must be comfortable building Shopify themes from scratch and giving clients full control over content and image switching using Shopify Sections.

Required Languages (min. 3 years)

  • HTML
  • Javascript, jQuery
  • Liquid

Preferred Technologies

  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Vue.js

Other Required Skills

  • You’ll be communicating directly with the client, so we want you to have excellent communication skills.
  • Source control is important. If you’re good with Git, we’re good with you.
  • We’re a remotely distributed team (with our home base in Atlanta, GA). You must be comfortable with working remotely and communicating with the team regularly via Slack/video chat.
  • We’re serious about the work we do, but we know when to have fun. If you have some excellent jokes (this includes dad jokes, by the way), we’d love to hear them.
  • You’ll be getting your hands dirty on several projects concurrently, so balancing an ever-changing workload in a fast-paced environment is key.

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