Junior & Intermediate Software Engineers

Do you write clean code? Are you a skilled bug squasher? We’re looking for strong Software Engineers either well versed in (or possessing a desire to learn) Python! You will work with our Product Development team and you’ll be responsible for ensuring a positive, delightful experience for each of our customers.

This is a full-time position as part of our Product Development team in our Gastown, Vancouver office, with a competitive starting salary commensurate with skills and experience. Priority will be placed on local applicants, but we will consider applicants located in the North and South American time zones for remote contractor work.

You like a workplace where:

  • Your coworkers are collaborative, proactive, and interesting.
  • Your compensation is comprehensive, competitive, and can include benefits like extended health insurance, a $600 Lifestyle Spending Account, a $1000 annual learning budget, a Tax-Free Savings Account and a matching Retirement Savings Plan and paid time off, depending on your location.
  • Your priorities matter. Career growth? Balancing work and life? Growing your own side-hustle? Helping you live your best life is #goals.
  • Your team cares about the right things. Yeah, our office includes a mountain view, lovable office dogs, free snacks, weekly lunch and fun events to attend, but more importantly, we’ve built a culture based on values that mean something to us and we practice them daily.
  • Your opportunities are numerous — and you’ll be helping us accelerate even faster. Check out some of our recent growth achievements.
  • You’re in a niche field, which means the market isn’t saturated yet and the opportunities are rife. We’re already working with some big names, but we’re just getting started.
  • You’re providing a meaningful solution to all kinds of businesses, including Fortune 500s, governments, and more.
  • Your diversity is valued. This job is open to anyone authorized to work in Canada, those aspiring to do so who can obtain a work permit (yes, we can help with that), or remote folks who have overlapping windows of time with Vancouver.

You like to spend your time:

  • Engineering quality code to develop functional web applications that meet requirements
  • Writing and maintaining documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, testing, changes, and corrections
  • Collaborating with the Front End team to integrate UI elements with server-side logic via our APIs
  • Creating and maintaining unit and functional test cases on your code before staging
  • Assisting the Quality Assurance and Customer Support teams by identifying and fixing issues
  • Prioritizing and providing updates and feedback on issues in GitHub
  • Helping to create reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Promoting and implementing best practices in the code, with an eye open to performance issues and bottlenecks

You’ll be a great match if you have:

  • A passion for programming languages and the wish to master Python (if you haven’t already), since our platform is built with it!
  • 1-5 years working as a Software Developer or Engineer on a team
  • A good understanding of the entire web development process (design, development, deployment) and application lifecycle
  • Familiarity with Service-Oriented Architectures
  • Spent some time building a product relying on distributed services systems (bonus points if that product was production-quality and you helped scale it to support more clients)
  • Hands-on experience using containerization technologies such as Docker
  • Thorough understanding of orchestration technologies and how they work to organize services and their allocation across servers (e.g. Swarm, Kubernetes…)
  • Expertise with asynchronous tools and frameworks (you should be able to properly implement promises, deferred operations, threads, callbacks…)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the HTTP Protocol and familiarity with creating, maintaining, and documenting REST APIs
  • Good knowledge of Relational and Non-Relational Database Technologies. E.g. MySQL, Cassandra
  • Practical working knowledge of Linux and of bash scripting
  • Good issue/ticket management skills
  • Strong analytical thinking skills and time management skills
  • A flexible and hands-on attitude, with a patience for context-switching
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or 4+ years in a working dev team
  • Alignment with our Core Values

You’ll jump to the front of the line if you have:

  • An M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Experience using frameworks, such as node.JS, as backend tools
  • Familiarity with XML, JSON, HTML, RESTful APIs
  • Working experience with Python, Python Packages and Libraries
  • Experience in the optimization of Python 3.x code for computational and I/O efficiency
  • Experience using web frameworks, specifically asynchronous web frameworks
  • Experience in developing projects on Google App Engine, including DataStore and Google Cloud services

If this sounds like you, then you’re a fit! Time to apply.

This job is open to anyone authorized to work in Canada or those aspiring to do so who are capable of obtaining necessary work authorization. We strongly believe that a diverse team is key to making us a successful company.

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