Staff Full Stack Engineer

Who We Want:

Does enhancing core Bazaarvoice systems that support billions of requests per month excite you? How about sub second API response times for thousands of requests a second? How about evolving services that inform 1.1 Billion shoppers’ purchasing decisions? Every day, the Bazaarvoice engineering team tackles interesting and challenging problems across virtually every major computer science problem domain, and we do it all at a massive scale. Whether you’re interested in server-side Java, UI/UX, massive data-sets, mobile/social, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, or data visualization, we’ve got an opportunity for you. We are interested in individuals who have strong software engineering fundamentals (OO design, test-driven development, unit testing, code reuse, code reviews) as well as hands-on experience with highly scalable distributed systems across the full software lifecycle (design, build, test, deploy, support).

Why You Should Work Here:

    • Projects are increasingly critical to Bazaarvoice’s success
    • High visibility
    • Expansive data asset (over 500 million product and 1 billion reviews) that is rapidly growing
    • Many challenges across varying disciplines and problem spaces
    • Predominately focused on developing new services and features, providing lots of opportunities to drive design and implementation

Skills and Experience Necessary for the Role:

    • Bachelor’s degree preferably in computer science or similar experience.
    • Strong system design experience laying out and implementing solutions that straddle multiple services with consideration for scale, performance, and resiliency
    • Experience building high-performance, scalable front end web applications backed by RESTful backend services
    • Expert ability in software development in one or (preferably) more languages such as Java, Node.js, Python, JavaScript (client-side)
    • Experience with production systems in a cloud environment such as AWS, GCP, or Azure
    • Works well in a team environment and be able to effectively drive cross-team solutions that have complex dependencies and requirements
    • Experience with version control systems (Subversion, Git)
    • Bachelor’s degree preferably in computer science or similar experience.
    • Be hands-on, willing to dig in and crank out code
    • Be a learner, able to explore new areas, learn new things, and quickly apply them to solve new problems
    • 5 yrs experience performing all of the above

Nice to Have:

    • Experience with production systems leveraging distributed datastore and data processing technologies such as Cassandra, Elastic Search, Kafka
    • Understanding of Agile or Kanban / Lean software development methodologies

Expectations for the role Include:

    • 30 days – Become familiar with teams, technologies, process and culture. Contribute some code to production.
    • 90 days – Lead one or more customer-impacting features from design to delivery. Be the go-to person for a software component.
    • 6 months – Develop an all-round understanding of the Notifications data stack. Actively engage with stakeholders and other senior engineers to define longer-term plans. Drive ongoing process improvements as appropriate. Mentor more junior engineers

We are interested in software developers who are hands-on and willing to dig in to tough problems. We love people who are willing to explore new areas, learn quickly, and apply their skills to challenging design issues. We want you to be a spark, bringing energy, passion and creativity to work every day.


Natural Language Processing for big retail.

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